Enviromental Policies

Prostar UK Ltd accepts that its activities impact on the environment and acknowledges its responsibilities in this area. These impacts and responsibilities will be addressed through the continued development and implementation of our Environmental Management System.

The Company fully endorses the principle of sustainable development and will take the principle into account when developing future business activities.

Regular monitoring of potential impacts on the environment will provide the foundation for continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance. Realistic and achievable objectives and targets, with appropriate performance indicators, will be set to support this commitment.

As part of its environmental commitment the Company will continuously review supplier products and services and will take this into account when selecting suppliers.

The Company is committed to compliance with all relevant legislation and associated guidance and will strive to reduce pollution to its lowest practicable level.

The Company will actively endeavour to reduce waste and the consumption of resources at source (materials, fuel and energy) employing environmental best practice methodology.

The Company will ensure employee awareness of, and commitment to, its Environmental Policy through training, seminars and newsletters.

This Policy and the Management System will be continuously developed through a focused Environmental Development Group charged with developing Action Plans for authorisation at Board level.

This policy statement will be displayed in all company offices and site units for information purpose to employees and visitors and will be distributed to clients, suppliers or any person, group or organisation which requests a copy.

Peter Appleyard

Enviromental Policies