Calibration & Testing

Why calibrate...? Well regular calibration of your measuring equipment will assist in correctly measuring your production process. It also controls the quality of your products and in the end will be responsible for the profitability of your business.

Prostar use test equipment for temperature and pressure calibration which is traceable to UKAS standards to ensure quality and repeatability. The equipment used for temperature calibration is Jofra and we also use Druck calibrators for pressure and vacuum.

Features of our calibration service:

  • Prostar can calibrate most RTD‘s and pressure transducers of all types and ranges e.g. -24°C to 650°C and -1bar to 20bar
  • Prostar also do holding times on various types of plants e.g. pasteurisers.
  • Local area network testing to make sure your communication network is not affected by interference and is working to its optimum.
  • Electrically we can carry out current and voltage logging and complete electrical testing to 17th edition of IEE Regulations standards.
  • Full documentation on how the test is carried out and to what % of accuracy. Full test results in tabular form including graphs where necessary can also be supplied.
Calibration & Testing