Prostar has a vast experience of commissioning in the Dairy, Beverage, food, and brewery industries. We are able to work with small and large customers and other major processing companies on small and large commissioning projects.

A list below shows some of the equipment Prostar have commissioned and worked on in the United Kingdom and Abroad.

  • Tetra Alfast 110, 210,220 and 310
  • Tetra Aseptic drink
  • Niro S10 spray driers
  • Tetra Alsafe Aseptic tanks 6000 Litre to 30000 Litre
  • Dry powder handling and transfer
  • Tetra Alcip CIP sets and other design and manufactures
  • Liquid mixing plants for pasteurization with Alfa-Laval
  • Tetra VTIS 100 and Tetra Therm
  • Many other variants such as Tetra Maxi, Tetra Aseptic Flex
  • Fresh Milk, Juice and brewery pasteurisers (Tubular and with Plates)
  • Large Dairy and Cheese installations (Green Field Sites)